W elcome to Healing For The Heart Ministries (“H4HM“) where our Mission is to bring healing to broken hearts. H4HM is a unique experience in counseling.  Here are just some of the reasons why H4HM is unique as a counseling ministry:
  • We just don’t talk about and discuss your pain, we help you find the healing for which you may have been searching for  decades.
  • We can accomplish together in hours what might otherwise take years to achieve.
  • Our process is not a long-term commitment; usually only seven or eight sessions for healing marriages and broken hearts.
  • We have a very high success rate for bringing healing to marriages and setting broken hearts free.
  • Our clients tell us years later that they are still free; our goal is lasting healing and not temporary relief.
  • We do not charge for our services; we don’t want finances to prevent someone from finding healing.
  • We are a Christian ministry that is supported by Donations from those who have been blessed by this ministry.
If you believe this ministry is what you or your family have been looking for, Contact Us to discuss your needs.